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Guided buying

Guided buying from inorder reduces queries from suppliers, which makes procurement much more efficient. Thanks to the user guidance, the requester does not need to read any instructions before making a request, they automatically adhere to the procurement guidelines and hand over all the information required for an order.

Why is there guided buying?

In addition to the software-supported simplification of purchasing, Guided Buying leads above all to the automatic, rule-compliant purchase of services and goods from suppliers. The previously necessary support by a procurement team can be significantly reduced. The integrated functions of the inorder procurement solution provide buyers with various new options:

  • You can control supplier performance with built-in tools that extend supplier involvement.
  • The purchasing interface enables direct cooperation with suppliers.
  • The integration of rules ensures that purchasing complies with the procurement guidelines defined in the company.

The interest in a guided buying procurement solution like inorder has been increasing significantly recently. There are good reasons for this: Buyers experience their daily challenges in a much more uncomplicated, comfortable and secure way. Annoying activities such as clarifying queries from the supplier with the specialist department are no longer necessary.

Advantages of guided buying with inorder

Purchasing becomes easier and more straightforward through guided buying with inorder. The responsible procurement managers experience uncomplicated, elegant and intelligent processes. The convenience arises from the fact that all services and products can be found clearly in one place. The compliance guidelines are implemented in the purchasing process, then the software automatically monitors compliance and selects the most suitable products and suppliers, whereby other aspects such as price or delivery times are of course also included in the evaluation. The uncomplicated collaboration with preferred suppliers is ensured by a robust self-service procurement mechanism.

inorder is self-explanatory and intuitive to use. Existing catalogs and approval procedures can be easily integrated into inorder guided buying.

Intuitive purchasing with guided buying

With inorder guided buying, employees can shop in the operational business much more easily. The intuitive user interface is very helpful for those with no shopping experience - prior training is not required. Articles are selected via the catalog search, the process is similar to that of private consumers buying in online shops. Companies that introduce inorder will experience their rapid acceptance by their employees.

Negative behaviors - primarily maverick buying - are a thing of the past. inorder digitally maps the procurement guidelines and makes purchasing processes transparent.

With Guided Buying, inorder creates an elegant, reliable and safe solution, whose benefits are located on several levels.

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The first step towards a collaboration

We'll do it together Shopping as easy as online shopping.


The first step towards a collaboration

We'll do it together Shopping as easy as online shopping.