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Supplier management

Every organization needs a leading system for supplier management. Companies can only organize their business processes economically with a central supplier management system.

Purchasing managers maintain contacts - the procurement management software inorder can be used as a leading system and automatically keeps all data up to date.

Perfectly integrated software solution

inorder's supplier management is designed for maximum dynamism. Supplier catalogs can, for example, be released at employee or department level. By reducing to the essentials, requesters get to the product they are looking for more quickly. 

inorder is multi-client capable, should the purchase prices differ within a holding, inorder can also simply map this construct. 

inorder is also designed to work perfectly with purchasing. Supplier evaluations can be obtained at the push of a button. 

Suppliers must be efficiently managed in the fast-moving business process. An overview of current and expired call-off orders is quickly created using the internal supplier management.

Well-organized communication options are the be-all and end-all. The correspondence of all contracts and also the contract management can be done via inorder.

 Today no purchasing manager can afford the nerve-wracking search for suitable suppliers. The inorder software creates the ideal prerequisites for this search thanks to its large scope of services: The supplier data can be created, grouped and filtered in a detailed yet very clear manner. There is no longer any tiresome search for the right contact person, the delivery conditions, a telephone number or the e-mail and billing address.

Supplier connection to inorder

  • In addition to the connection to ERP systems such as SAP, inorder supports all conceivable types of communication with suppliers. inorder easily juggles with different product sources and communication options: EDI, CSV, BMEcat, XML, OCI punchout, free text, file server and also e-mail or reading out PDFs that are sent to inorder.
  • With this flexibility you can align your purchasing department with an increasingly complex future.

eProcurement systems

eProcurement Module:

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The first step towards a collaboration

We'll do it together Shopping as easy as online shopping.


The first step towards a collaboration

We'll do it together Shopping as easy as online shopping.